Integrity, Service and Reliability

As a small dairy company in 1985, Agri-Dairy began selling dairy products to local food manufacturers in the New York tri-state area. Customers began coming to us for competitive prices, however they soon found considerable value in the outstanding service and the reliability that each and every one of them received. Soon our customers began recommending us to others and Agri-Dairy began distributing far beyond the local area. Today Agri-Dairy has grown to be one of the largest suppliers of dairy products in the United States. 

As we have grown our ethics still remain the same. From our smallest customer to our largest, we are still providing the same competitive prices today as we did in our humble beginning along with outstanding service and reliability that each and every Agri-Dairy customer is accustomed to receiving. That is perhaps why many of our customers from back then are still customers of Agri-Dairy today.

As we go forward Agri-Dairy International is leading the way into markets abroad offering the same competitive advantages and service that is afforded to our domestic customers. Together, we and our business partners have enjoyed a relationship of growth and prosperity  based on the same simple ethics on which we were founded back in 1985: integrity, outstanding service, and the reliability of being there for all of our customers’ needs.